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1. Difference between HTMLEditFormat function and HTMLCodeFormat?

The only difference between HTMLEditFormat function and HTMLCodeFormat is that HTMLCodeFormat surrounds the text in an HTML pre tag.

2. what happens when we sent request to coldfusion page ?
Let us say we sent request to hello.cfm page, coldfusion server will generate .class file in the format of "cfhello2ecfm1644549835.class"
we can check the generated .class file under the folder "C:\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\WEB-INF\cfclasses"

3. How can we apply alternate colors for table row while rendering a table ?
Using mod function we can segregate even/odd rows and can apply colors to table rows accordingly.

4. What will happen if we use cfsettings enableDebugOutput value set to "yes" before cfdocument tag
It will throw an error with the message similar to "cfdocument tag has no body. "

5. Can we use multiple datasources inside cftransaction tag?
No. If we use multiple datasources inside cftransaction we will get following error
Datasource names for all the database tags within the cftransaction tag must be the same.

6. How you access stored procedures in ColdFusion?

Using tag:  cfstoredproc datasource="dsn" name="storedproc_name"

7. Benefits of storedprocedure?
1. Faster in execution as queries are pre-compiled and optimized.
2. Can achieve type safety as IN/OUT parameters and their datatypes are strictly defined.
3. For better security as SQL injection and manipulation hacks are virtually eliminated.
4. Will get multiple result sets through single round trip to database server.
5. Has the functionality to call one procedure in another to achieve powerful layer of business logic.

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